Technical coaching and drills can only take you so far in sport- there are many other aspects you need to work on if you want to succeed.

Based in Loughborough in the East Midlands, we offer help with these other aspects- mental skills (not just for tennis players- we can work with any sportsperson), tournament planning, travel, etc- whether you are an aspiring junior, an ambitious young pro, or an enthusiastic veteran. We also specialise in helping tennis parents to provide the best support and make the right decisions.

Players and Parents

The vast number of different tournaments that are available in Britain and continental Europe can be confusing. Do you know which to enter, and how to give yourself the best chance of getting in? If you are a parent of a junior player, what kind of strategy will give you the best chance of obtaining funding? Whatever your age and standard, have you ever felt that you're not as mentally strong as you would like to be when matches get tight? We provide an independent consulting service designed to guide and support you through this maze. We have experience of working with junior players at both regional and top national standard, as well as veteran players who are looking to break into national competition. We can provide impartial advice, as well as mental skills training designed to help players to get the most from their talent. We are here to help players or parents, and will be happy to advise coaches too.

Life after junior tennis

A few players will have reached a high ITF world ranking by the time they are 17, and their path will be fairly clear for the next couple of years as they try to make the transition to a successful career on the main tour. The vast majority will, however, want to look at options which allow them to continue their tennis whilst also gaining a good education. We can help to analyse the options and advise on the levels of academic and tennis achievement needed to get where they want to be.

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