Life after junior tennis

As players reach the end of their junior career at 18 there are many big decisions to be made. If a player has a very good world junior ranking, or has already gained senior world ranking points, they may well wish to continue playing full-time tennis with the aim of enjoying a successful professional career. If they are not yet at this level, or have been held back by injuries, they will probably wish to combine their tennis with higher education. American universities can offer scholarships to promising players who have reasonable SAT scores, which allows the players to develop and test themselves within the highly competitive NCAA system. If a player is likely to achieve good A-level results, the British university system can also offer some good options, although opportunities to play and train at a high level tend to be more limited, as do the available scholarships. We can offer advice on the options and put you in contact with the right people to enable you to find the solution that is best for you.