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Not every junior tennis player starts at a top academy where the coaches have experience of guiding players through national and international events. Many busy coaches, while superb at their job, have only a limited grasp of the tournaments available in some age groups. They may not be familiar with the level of the opposition, or the ever-evolving funding criteria set by the LTA. We can advise on these things, and help, in conjunction with the coach, to construct a sensible tournament schedule. (We emphasise that we work alongside or in addition to the player's coach- we have no intention of usurping their role.)

Mental skills

Playing tennis matches in front of expectant coaches, parents and peers is tough for young people. They need to be mentally tough to handle the ups and downs that are inevitably experienced. Mental toughness comes from mental skills such as relaxation, self-talk, concentration, visualisation, etc. With tuition and practice, these can be improved, and players can get more from their tennis experience. We can assess players' strengths and weaknesses and provide the training they need.

If you think you or your child would benefit from help with planning a tournament schedule, would want help with mental skills, or just want to talk things through, please get in touch. We can travel to meet you, or communicate by e-mail if you prefer.


Tournament/training consultation: £10 by e-mail, or £20 per hour, plus travel expenses from Loughborough, for a personalised consultation.

Mental Skills Consultation: £20 per hour, plus travel expenses from Loughborough for a personal visit.

Initial discussion by e-mail: free.